LICCB Water Testing

In conjunction with a city-wide effort of the NYC Water Trail Association, LICCB collects two samples from the East River that are tested at La Guardia Community College for Enterococcus, an indicator bacteria of possible harmful pathogens. The two samples are taken at Hallets Cove located on Vernon Blvd off 31st Ave and the LICCB Boat Launch site at Anable Basin, 45-21 5th St, LIC, NY 11101.

Samples must be taken Thursday morning between and dropped off at the La Guardia Community College lab between 8am-2:30pm. Samples should remain on ice during transport, and be taken within 4 hours of dropoff.

If interested in joining and sampling on a specific date, contact the Water Sampling Team.



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Citizen Water Quality Testing Program (CWQT)


Raw sewage flows into our waterways with almost every rainfall in NYC. This, Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO), brings high concentrations of dangerous microbes into the waters. Our weekly sampling informs us of when the readings are dangerously high. Pathogens, including Enterococci, are commonly found in humans and other warm-blooded animals’ feces. Their presence in the water is an indication of pollution and the possible presence of pathogens that could be harmful to human health. By participating in the CWQT program we can better assess safe water conditions.
Learn more about the CWQT program here.

CWQT and LIC Boathouse

Every Thursday morning, 7-10AM, we collect water samples at the dock in Anable Basin and at the beach at Hallet’s Cove and transport to LaGuardia Community College Lab for testing. Water Sampling informs paddlers when microbes (especially Enterococcus) are at unsafe levels near our launch sites.
If you like data, results are published every Friday. Here’s the data from 2016.
We are seeking volunteers to help with both sites.
It takes 1-1.5 hours to complete one site.
We also frequently coordinate with other volunteers who collect samples at Gantry and Greenpoint to deliver samples to LaGuardia Community College Lab.

Interested? Join us!

The monthly meetings take place at the Anable Sailing Bar and Grill restaurant, starting in May.
Come join a community of concerned environmentalists, check out the marine life in the East river, and, of course, a lovely sunset.

How to join

Contact the LICCB Environmental Committee for more information, orientation and coordinating schedules. To learn more about Water Sampling, contact the Water Sampling Team.