Frequently Asked Questions



How much does it cost?

This event is free and is run by volunteers. We accept donations. Please do consider a contribution if you loved your experience with us.


What are your hours?

We do not have regular hours but check our calendar for upcoming events.


Can I rent a boat?

Unfortunately, we do not rent boats.


Where can I rent a boat?

There is no organization on the harbor that will rent you a kayak or other human-powered craft to take out on your own. There are private guide companies you can hire to take you on guided tours.

The nearest place to rent kayaks for unsupervised use is at Thai Rock, in Rockaway.


Can I launch my boat from your dock?

This is a private dock and we do not allow the public to launch from the dock.


How much experience do I need to go on a trip?

It really depends on the trip! Our most basic trips (back and forth from Hallets Cove) do not require experience. We will watch you while we prep to head out, if we feel uncomfortable with your level, we will team you up with one of our volunteers.

For some of the longer trips (Brooklyn Bridge Park, Governor’s Island, Manhattan Circumnavigation, etc.), we will need you to be comfortable paddling on the rougher water.


Can I bring a dog on the water?

You are welcome to bring your pooch to walk-up kayaking at Anable or Hallets Cove. We even have dog flotation vests! Sadly we can’t allow dogs on trips on the open river.


Is the water polluted?

The water is fine for kayaking. Sometimes, there is litter or other nastiness in the water, but for the most part, the water is a delight. If it has rained a lot the day before, and we are not comfortable with the safety of the water, we will cancel the trip/public walk-up.


Isn’t it dangerous?

Water is always dangerous. We do everything we can to assure a safe experience, providing flotation devices and providing plenty of volunteers to keep an eye on things. But your safety is ultimately up to you. Kayaking requires that you pay attention to your surroundings, avoid underwater obstacles, wear sun protection, and generally take care of yourself.


Will I get wet?

Our kayaks are sit-on-top style kayaks that let water through. You will likely sit in a bit of water. In a canoe, you can stay dry, but there is always a small chance of tipping into the river. There’s no guarantee that you will stay dry. Or that your items will stay dry! So be careful with what you bring on the boat! Read more about how to prepare for a trip here.


Are trips handicapped-accessible?

Our launch dock can be accessed by wheelchair, with assistance.
A person must be able to swim in a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) and assist in their own rescue to avoid hazards in the water if they capsize.


What else do you do?

Special Trips

Part of our mission is to encourage others to be more involved in the water sports and we help facilitate that by offering training (Our past training includes – Intro to kayaking, trip planning, radios, and knots)


We have a team dedicated to helping clean our waters (the Environmental Committee). We test the water on a weekly basis as part of the Citizens Water Quality Testing program. We also are helping restore oysters to the harbor as part of the Billion Oyster Project. And last year we started a garden on the ferry in Anable Basin.

See the Environmental Stewardship page for more information.


Can I reserve spots?

Reservations are granted via a lottery system to those who register for a particular event.

Selections are made a few days in advance of the event after allowing for a sufficient registration window. Read more on the Request a Trip page.


How do I cancel my reservation?

If you have received a Selection notice, reply to that email. If you have not received a Selection (or Decline) notification, write to the ID of the person who posted the trip on the public calendar.


How do I register for a larger group?

For a variety of reasons, for the time being, we limit party registration size to that of a single boat. Larger groups must register as independent two-person parties, with independent contact information.

When completing the Request a Trip Form, you may make a note in the Registration Comments that you wish to be considered as a larger group (make sure to list the other members of the group), but please note that we may not be able to accommodate you.


Can I store a boat at your boathouse?

Unfortunately, boat storage is reserved for volunteers who regularly contribute their time to the boathouse.


Where can I store a boat?

There is private storage for club members at Sebago Canoe Club, in Canarsie, but there is typically a waitlist.

There are private paid storage options in Manhattan, on the Hudson shore.


Can I arrange a trip for my large group?

In addition to running public trips, we may run team building trips for companies, civic, governmental, or other organizations who seek to develop an ongoing relationship with our organization.

However, we are not a charter group. We are not available to arrange group trips for groups of friends and such.

To learn more, please contact