We periodically offer different types of instruction/training geared for various levels of experience and involvement with the organization.

Some classes are introductory, meant for new participants with little to no paddling background, requiring only interest, and have no volunteering requirements.  Others are offered to volunteers and may have prerequisites.

Certain certification courses can have a fee, which that may be covered by the organization depending upon past involvement.


The most up to date list of specific course offerings are listed in the Enrollment form along with descriptions of each.

Some past class offerings fall into the categories of:

  • Basics of kayaking
  • Volunteer Orientation
  • Seamanship
  • Navigation and Trip Planning
  • First Aid and CPR for Mariners ($)
  • ACA (American Canoe Association) Coastal Kayaking Skills & Trip Leading ($)


Watch the public Calendar for scheduled courses offered during the season.

Use the Enrollment form to sign up for individually scheduled classes as they are offered, or sign up for a “date TBD” notification/waitlist for the next time the given course is offered.


Class Enrollment Request form

Further Information

Contact instruction@licboathouse.org for course information not answered within the above form.

ACA Coastal Kayaking curriculum covers a wide range of courses.  We ordinarily offer access to the courses:

Referrals can be made for more advanced courses.  Formal Level I courses are usually bypassed or subsumed into the L2 courses, assuming past student experience.