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Complete the form below to register to attend or volunteer for an upcoming trip.





  • Only those trips currently open for reservation requests are listed in the signup system.
  • Trips generally open for requests 2-3 weeks in advance, and close 2-3 days before the trip date.
  • Initial notification of selection for a trip will be sent out 2-3 days before the trip date.
  • Final selections and declines will be sent out the day or night before the event.

For a complete listing of LICCB trips and events please view our calendar.



Trip Request / Volunteer Attendance Sign-Up Form



If the event for which you seek to register is not available for signup and is less than three weeks away (but more than 2-3 days away), please contact the poster of the event listed on the public calendar ( Click on the event, click on “more details”, then look for the “Created by” email on the Google Calendar event ) to check the availability.


If you are selected for a trip, you may print and bring a copy of our Waivers to the event to speed your check-in.