Request a Trip

Only those trips currently open for reservation requests are listed in the signup system.  Trips generally open for requests 2-3 weeks in advance, and close 2-3 days before the trip date.  Initial notification of selection for a trip will be sent out after that.  Final selections and declines will be sent out the day or night before the event.

For a complete listing of LICCB trips and events please view our calendar.

Trip Request / Volunteer Attendance sign up

If the event for which you seek to register is not available for signup and is less than three weeks away (but more than 2-3 days away), please contact the poster of the event listed on the public calendar (the “Created By” id shown under “Details”) to check about its availability.


If you are selected for a trip, you may print and bring a copy of our Waivers to the event to speed your checkin.