Dear LICCB Volunteers and Patrons:

    Spring is almost here and we are coming back.  Finally!  Our plan is to hold public kayaking events from late Spring through the Summer at Hallett’s Cove in Astoria.

    It’s been more than a year since we have communicated but you will be hearing from us over the next few weeks as we get ready! We apologize for our silence but we had no settled arrangements to announce, so felt it best not to string you along with mere hopes of what may come.

    Between COVID, the indefinite closure of the property hosting our dock at Anable Basin, and a lack of storage near another launch, our program was halted.  Rather than cram your inbox with a trickling of no concrete news, we felt it best to keep silent until we knew enough for you to act on.  We want to let you know that we never stopped looking for a way to resume, and those efforts have paid off. We’ve missed working together to bring free kayaking to the public.

    We now have on-site boat storage at Socrates Sculpture Park! This now enables us to run kayaking events at Hallett’s Cove without being dependent on bringing a flotilla back and forth from LIC, where we still have no launch. Our plan is to start programming at the Cove mid-to-late May.

    We hope you are as eager to return to volunteer and participate with us, there, as we are to have you. Your patience over this difficult period is greatly appreciated.  We exist as a community organization because of you.

    In the coming weeks, we will be sending further details about the programming plans.  Please watch for them.


Thank you again for all you do.