img_5778-convby Bianca Rivera

On sweltering Saturday, July 6th, dedicated LICCB volunteers met at the boathouse where temperatures reached into the 90s. We loaded up the trailer and carpooled over to the launch at Liberty State Park in New Jersey—but not without a hitch (pun intended). Good planning requires expecting the unexpected (or rather allotting the time for it), because the trailer was turned away from the Holland Tunnel! Luckily, we all made it in time to launch by 4:30pm to meet Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse out in the harbor to support 12 swimmers circumnavigating Liberty Island with Urban Swim. What is more iconic that Lady Liberty herself during July 4th weekend! 

Our kayakers included: Ted, Caitlin, Odemaris, Sue, Danika, Grace, Bianca, Antonis, Joy, Damien, Marcel ,and Craig. The latter who traveled down from Buffalo to support his good friend and one of the swimmers, Sam.

By just after 6:30pm all swimmers made it to the finish line, successfully completing the 1-mile course, inclusive of gnarly currents that were determined to push us into the restricted area of Liberty Island. Of course, it was all worth it since our respite included sitting (and for some of us kayakers, swimming) in the harbor just as the sun began to set. Alas, tired and food motivated, our scenic day had to come to an end as we opted for land and made our way back to LIC to unload after an exciting day. 

For many of us it was our first time volunteering with LICCB, and what an enticing way to recruit new members when paddles can offer camaraderie and remarkable views. It surely won’t be the last for me!